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Certification and Training


The Feed Additive and preMIxture System (FAMI-QS) Certification Scheme is addresses safety, quality and address the challenging topics of integrity (fraud), defence and regulatory compliance. The system is specifically
designed for international validity and the FAMI-QS Certification, since its origination in 2004, is endorsed by more than 1400 members across the globe.
FAMI-QS is a preeminent quality and feed safety management system for the sector of specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures. We are the worldwide leading accredited scheme for the feed industry contributing to safe food. Accreditation is an important pillar for the credibility of our scheme. It gives assurance to governments, supply chains and consumers that organizations providing FAMI-QS certification have the required competence and impartiality to do so.
To give guidance to manufacturers and traders concerned by the regulation and help them develop their own procedures to minimize the hygiene risks linked to additives and pre mixtures in the feed chain
FAMI-QS scope is Specialty Feed Ingredients. A specialty feed ingredient is defined as any intentionally added ingredient not normally consumed as feed by itself, whether or not it has nutritional value, which affects the characteristics of feed or animals/ animal products and animal performance.
FAMI-QS Code of Practice:
Provides requirements for implementing measures necessary to ensure feed safety and quality of products manufactured by processes, as defined by FAMI-QS. The Code covers requirements on Good Manufacturing Practices, on the HACCP programme and suggestions on continuous improvements to the design, management of operations and risks with a goal of maintaining feed safety and quality.
Code of Practice Goal :
is to ensure feed safety by minimizing unsafe practices and the risk of hazardous ingredients entering the food chain. Feed is considered unsafe for its intended use if it is likely to pose a risk to (has adverse effect on) human or animal health, or if the food derived from food-producing animals is unsafe for human consumption. 
Benefits of FAMI-QS:
  • Demonstrating the safety of your processes to the world
  • Fulfilling the requirements if FAMI-QS and safeguarding corresponding markets
  • Rise in customer and retailers confidence about the organization’s ability to perform
  • Integration of state-of-the-art procedures regarding hazard analysis, risk appraisal, and preventive strategies into the existing management system
  • Increased product safety
  • Reduced risk of product liability 
Complete certification covering several areas such as:
   •    Quality and feed safety management systems,
   •    Traceability procedures,
   •    Product regulatory compliance,
   •    Human resources,
   •    Infrastructures
   •    Maintenance and cleaning of the equipment
   •    Waste control