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Do You Have What it Takes to be BRCGS Certified?

26 May 2022

Do You Have What it Takes to be BRCGS Certified?

If you are planning to start your own food business in the UAE or Dubai, you will need to take the Sure Steps Exams. The BRCGS Food safety Certification in Dubai is an internationally approved food safety process. The test helps in achieving a safe food production and maintaining updated records for the same. The aim of this certification is to ensure that all food, plants and animal sources used for the production and distribution of foods are fit for human use.
What is a BRCGS Food Safety Certification?
The BRCGS Food Safety Certification is a certification program designed to provide assurance to retailers and foodservice organizations that their suppliers adhere to the highest food safety standards. The Standard is designed by industry experts, who are passionate about developing an audit scheme that is fair, achievable and promotes effective food safety management.

It sets out a framework of minimum requirements for safety, legality and quality of all food products, at all stages of production and distribution. It encompasses hygiene, product specifications, traceability, temperature control, pest control and consumer complaints handling.
Importance of BRCGS certification for food industry in UAE (h2 tag)
Global food industry standards have significantly evolved over the past few years. From FSSAI certification to BRCGS Certification in Dubai, various certifications have been introduced to ensure that the food processing units follow the highest possible hygiene standards. The best part is, these certifications are not only important for food industries but also for those who are into export and import of food products.

BRCGS caters to a wide range of food industries ranging from human consumption to animal feed, and thereby helps them meet the industry standards. The BRCGS Consumer Products Certification in Dubai is developed to ensure that the suppliers are able to provide safe products which are fit to eat. It also helps the manufacturers and suppliers to get recognized by major retailers.
If you want to get a BRCGS certification in Dubai, here are the top tips that can help you get it:
Understand your scope and its requirements. The first step is to understand what scope you will be audited on and what its requirements are. This way, you’ll be able to prepare better.

Prepare a comprehensive HACCP plan. Next is preparing your HACCP plan and ensuring that it covers all critical control points (CCPs). You should also look out for non-food safety hazards such as those related to food defense, quality and legality of your products and ingredients. Your HACCP plan should also show how you can address these other issues.

Watch out for critical control points. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that there are certain points in your process that need to be monitored closely. These are called critical control points or CCPs, and they must be part of your HACCP plan. A CCP is any step where a hazard can be controlled. The most common CCPs include cooking, chilling, cooling, reheating, hot holding and pasteurizing.

Get proactive with corrective actions. Another important thing that you need to think about is getting proactive with corrective actions. What this means is that you should try your best not only to meet the minimum requirements but also exceed them as much as possible.

After all, this is what will ensure that your business continues to operate at a high standard and, more importantly, provide quality products for all your customers and clients. When it comes down to it, this is what will allow you to stand out from all your competitors.

Invest in your team training. The first thing you should do is invest in your staff training. This means educating everyone about BRCGS standards, particularly employees who work in the food department. Let them know how they can meet these standards and how they can incorporate them into their daily operations.
To get a BRCGS certification it takes several steps: you must apply for a BRCGS audit in Dubai, UAE, take training courses at a Food Safety Training Consultancy in Dubai, pass your audit successfully, and then implement all the changes in your organization before you can get the certificate. 
These are the main requirements that you need to meet in order to be ready for the audit:
  • You should have a written Food Safety Management System (FSMS) in place which is based on HACCP principles.
  • You should have an implementation of a prerequisite program that minimizes risks from biological and chemical contamination. This includes pest control measures.
  • All of your employees should be fully trained and aware of their own responsibilities regarding food safety. It is advisable to keep records of training.
  • There must be continuous improvement processes in place for food safety management systems to acquire an BRCGS Storage and Distribution Certification.
Whether you are an International food manufacturer or a local small-scale producer in UAE,
Meet buyer requirements: Many buyers require BRCGS certificates from their suppliers as a prerequisite for doing business with them. If you are not certified, you will simply be left out of the game, which isn’t something you want to do in such a competitive industry. 
Increase revenue and market share: It’s no secret that people want to eat healthy food. They also want to buy it from companies that demonstrate care towards the environment and society at large. If your company has a BRCGS Certification in Dubai, it shows that your business complies with all the necessary legal standards, which can help boost sales and increase your market share.
Gain competitive advantage: Achieve BRCGS certification in Dubai and demonstrate your commitment to food safety and quality control. With a BRCGS certificate, you will be able to participate in the global supply chain, and open up new opportunities for both local and international business.
Reduce risk of product recalls: BRCGS audits are highly effective in identifying and eliminating potential sources of contamination at all stages of the production process. As such, BRCGS Packaging Materials Certification in Dubai can help reduce the risk of product recalls and costly damage to your brand.

Improve operational efficiency: BRCGS audits set out clear requirements that operators must meet in order to achieve certification. By meeting these requirements, and receiving a detailed audit report, operators will be able to identify areas for improvement within their business and implement best practice procedures that will increase efficiency across the board.

Who can deliver the training?
- A team of experienced and qualified trainers who have extensive experience in implementing BRCGS standards and managing food safety systems, so they are able to deliver relevant, practical advice which will meet your business needs.
- Anyone who has passed an approved BRCGS training course can become an approved Trainer as long as they have the relevant technical expertise in the subject matter and meet our other criteria.
- The training program can be delivered in-house by any training provider who meets the criteria set out in the BRCGS Directory of Approved Trainers. This directory is compiled by the BRCGS Global Knowledge Team to help you identify an Approved Trainer for your business to ensure you receive a high quality of training.
Why choose Quality Middle East to do your training?
Many companies choose to work with Quality Middle East because they want to improve their ability to deliver quality products and services, they want to differentiate themselves from their competitors, they want to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes or they want to meet regulatory requirements. Whatever your reasons are, Quality Middle East BRCGS Certification Consultancy in Dubai is here to help you on your journey.

Our experienced trainers can take you through the whole process of achieving certification, whatever standard you are working towards. As well as conducting in-depth, practical training sessions for your staff, we can offer guidance on how to implement the changes that will get you closer to certification.
We have developed a reputation for delivering outstanding training programs and sessions for our clients. In fact, we have yet to fail a company looking for BRCGS Food safety Certification in Dubai! We believe this is because we follow a carefully structured approach that ensures we cover every aspect in detail before moving on. This includes:
  • A detailed consultation where we learn about your company and assess your needs.
  • Training sessions tailored around your specific requirements.
  • Guidance on how to meet the criteria required by the BRCGS.
  • Support throughout the entire process.
Failing to identify and implement food safety practices in a restaurant not only puts your business at risk, but also presents a danger to your customers. As a result, you place yourself on the wrong side of the risk-benefit equation. By conducting sufficient research and choosing to partner with an official BRCGS Approved Training Partner for BRCGS training, you can ensure that you will address all of the required food safety standards in Dubai – including Industry Best Practices and regulatory requirements, as well as ensuring product quality control.