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BRC Global standards training

03 Mar 2022

BRCGS is the leading provider of GFSI-recognized standards globally, respected for quality and brand protection assurance. This BRCGS-approved training program has been designed by the BRCGS Technical team to meet the industry demand for the skills training required for implementing an effective product safety management program.
With this BRCGS Professional learning program, you will acquire international recognition for the key skills and knowledge essential for product safety management. As a BRCGS Professional, you will be well-equipped to manage any GFSI-recognized standard in your business, and able to implement or manage product safety systems.
What Will You Learn?
After completing this course, you will be able to:

 - Enhance your understanding of product safety management
 - Apply skills to reduce the risks associated with product safety
 - Contribute as part of the brand protection team your company needs
 - Raise your status as a valuable employee 
This training program has been designed for all product safety personnel in food and packaging, storage and distribution and related industries – for example:

 - Quality assurance managers
 - Food technologists
 - Category technologists
 - HACCP teams
Your company does not have to be BRCGS-certificated, the courses are subject-specific, train the core skills needed for any product safety individual, and will help with maintaining any GFSI-recognized certification scheme. 
How to Qualify as a BRCGS Professional
To qualify as a BRCGS professional, you must complete the following:

-BRCGS-approved classroom-based training: on the BRCGS standard of your choice, with successful completion of the associated exam
 -One the following BRCGS-approved courses:
         -Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) (2 days)
         -Hazard and Risk Management course (2 days)
         -Hazard Analysis and Risk-based Preventive Controls (HARPC) (2 days)
         -FSPCA PCQI course (2.5 days)
 -A minimum of three of the following BRCGS-approved courses:
         -Risk Assessment (1 day)
         -Root Cause Analysis (1 day)
         -Validation and Verification (1 day)
         -Internal Auditor (2 days)
         -Vulnerability Assessment for Food Fraud (1 day)